Cleaner and Renewable Fuels

We have carefully identified several products that we believe will actively assist industry and consumers through the energy transition. Cleaner burning fuels are biodegradable, reduce noxious gases, and are less than 1 ppm in sulphur.

Renewable fuels come from sustainable, plant-based, and recycled vegetable oils that don’t contain dangerous toxins to the environment or impact public health. These renewable fuels play a vital role in reducing our carbon footprint and therefore play a more important role in our business strategy in the next upcoming decades.

Furthermore, we take our customers on a transition journey from conventional hydrocarbon fuels to cleaner burning, low emission fuels all the way to renewable and sustainable fuels.

Some of our products include: UCOME, FAME & HVO


As part of KVA’S strategy for energy transition, our blending expertise and knowledge assists our customer’s goals of introducing cleaner burning and renewable components to their product offerings.


We ensure that refining efficiency and finished product quality remains optimized through the use of our catalyst offerings.

Some of our catalyst products are:

– FCC Equilibrium catalyst
– Ceramic Balls
– High Alumina Balls
– Activated Alumina
– Ceramic Raschig Rings
– Metal Raschig Rings


We also ensure we have a number of biochemicals, such as Furfural, available that can be used as a selective solvent for refining lubricating oils and to improve the characteristics of diesel fuel and catalytic cracker recycle stocks.

Furfural dissolves in water and is completely miscible with alcohol and ether. This type of biochemical is often made of raw material sources such as corncobs, oat hulls, cottonseed hulls, and more.