Sales and distribution

At KVA Energies we take the time to understand the challenges our customers face and therefore package the right solution that suits their needs. We have the capability to deliver product through different formats to our customers just in time.

Waste management

Waste management is an important part any industry and as a society we have a responsibility to take care of our environment. We use our expertise to manage waste responsibly and safely so our customers are able to repurpose the product for other industrial applications.

Warehousing and storage

By having our own warehousing and storage assets, KVA is able to respond on short notice for our customers needs. It allows us to deliver the product in the format our customers require, whether that’s through barge, vessel, rail, or truck.


We succeed when our customers succeeds. Our experience allows us to collaborate with our customers to understand what their challenges, goals and strategies are. This allows us to provide expertise to tackle the issues the enterprise has and help them attain successful outcomes through our services.


Compliance goes hand-in-hand with all our services. KVA always ensures we work within the legal and regulatory frameworks that are necessary to operate in our industries. This includes tax regulations, environmental regulations, and specific sector regulatory requirements.